FX is a brand that must always keep the bar high for a young, daring audience that loves edgy content.

FX’s cutting edge programming demanded a digital presence with a constant stream of content delivered to today’s digitally savvy audiences on their device or platform of choice.

As BLITZ is the DAOR for FX, our team supported the development of a core technology framework that would be extensible enough to support the respective content needs of the various show properties while seamlessly integrating with their enterprise CMS solution. To allow for a wide variety of content formats, a complex multi-technology ecosystem had to be brought to bear to support over-the-top streaming of content to devices through a new app - FXNOW.

FXNOW allows for streaming across all of today's major platforms: iOS, Android, XboxOne, Xbox360, Samsung SmartTV, Win8, and AppleTV. We perform the setup and maintenance for the digital content available on these platforms, including every new show, movie addition, or episode update - including FXNetworks.com & SimpsonsWorld.com.

As Account Director at BLITZ, my responsibility was to lead the internal agency teams, partner closely with the FX digital teams to ensure their business objectives are being accomplished, and provide a layer of support and escalation to all vendors and stakeholders.