Red Bull Viva La Resolution!

We teamed up with Red Bull and created a sampling program that targeted fitness/gym/workout kind of people. We then decided that New Years resolution season would be the perfect time to introduce the product to people that hadn’t been able to meet their goals and that needed a boost in meeting these yearly fitness resolutions. Thus, the "Viva la Resolution" campaign was born.

We created a movement that banded all the 'resolutionaries' together, and our rally cry was "Viva La Resolution!" The Campaign included a website (on-line and mobile), where people were able to make their fitness declaration and share it with friends on Twitter and Facebook, an online and mobile media buy that helped spread awareness of the movement and a built-in fitness community through partnership with Fitocracy.

I partnered closely with the Red Bull North America brand and digital teams and agency teams in developing the brief, concepts, and running the digital production efforts for the campaign.