Red Bull Share Your Wiiings

So much of the Red Bull brand is around the individual benefits of the product, and what it can do for you. But what about what it can do for your friends? To extend the association of the benefits to the group, and to drive 4-pack sales - our team launched a campaign to #ShareYourWiiings.

The campaign itself asked consumers to post a photo of their friends sharing an activity that normally wouldn't be shared with the hashtag #ShareYourWiiings. In response, Red Bull would send you a 4-pack, via a Twitter DM link to a voucher.

I had the pleasure of partnering closely with Red Bull and our creative teams in developing and refining the creative brief to align with the consumer strategy, and led the digital production efforts to create the landing page, Twitter "firehose" integration, admin approval tool, Red Bull cartoon animations, and digital media units.